Ulladulla Civic Centre


From the manager

Ulladulla Civic Centre has a room for hire. The venue can perfectly support any seminar, conference and exhibitions. With a perfect view of Ulladulla Harbour, it is one of the largest facilities in Shoalhaven. It consists of a meeting room, auditorium, servery, downstairs hall and a kiosk. This classic venue boats of a guest capacity of 900 and is endowed with 900 chairs, 75 tables, overhead projector, balcony access for breakout area, a piano and two dressing rooms. The servery upstairs boasts of a fridge, a hot water urn, commercial dishwashers, steel benches and food warmers. The downstairs kitchen has additional fridge, grill and small. Visit this lovely venue today on Princes Highway 

Ulladulla, 2539 NSW, Australia. 


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