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Peak View Public Hall

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From the manager

Peak View Hall has always been a community hall and a focal point of this community when the surrounding recreation ground was more in use and is located on the Jerangle/Peak View Road 16.7 km north of Numeralla and 36 km east of Cooma via Numeralla.

The hall was built in the early 1920’s and shortly thereafter enlarged and renovated in 1925 – 26. At this time the main aspect of the hall was changed from the north to the western (road) side.

An inspection of the foundations of the present hall shows old timber stumps approximately 1 metre inside the perimeter of the walls. This indicates that the hall has been enlarged although no other evidence of the fabric shows this.

Before the supper room and small meeting room was added in 1928 cooking was done outside on an open fire. During the 1920–1930 period dances were held once a month which attracted 30–40 people from as far afield as Anembo and on other weekends would be held at Jerangle and Anembo halls.

This hall is heritage listed under the Cooma-Monaro Shire Council – Local Heritage Plan.

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