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M.V. John Batman Charter Vessel

  • Jb_side_xx Enjoy multi levels
  • Jb_setup Main Cabin
  • Jb_2_fri_27_nov_15 Dance the night away!
  • Jb_jazz_day_roof Sightseeing from the top viewing platform

From the manager

The “John Batman” has a large sightseeing upper deck that is always popular as it has “all round” viewing as well as being able to cater for the entire complement.

The internal lounge bar area on the lower deck has comfortable lounge seating with small alcoves and drink tables. The other side of the vessel has ample room for dancing and mingling at the bar etc. Alternatively you may prefer a fully open floorplan.  In addition, the vessel also has a mid-level rear deck, a perfect place to chat and perhaps have a coffee and some fresh air under cover, that is also wind free when cruising.


The John Batman can pick up at at the River Frontage Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Southbank (near Crown and Spencer Street Bridge). Or at Gem Pier, Williamstown, with nightspots to continue on if you wish; or Spotswood Jetty – with onsite parking; (a good way to avoid the mayhem of city traffic !)

Dance the night away to our resident DJ or simply chat and enjoy the panoramic views!

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